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Correction of style, grammar and spelling mistakes is very demanded and necessary if you have doubts about the quality of existing text, or its compliance to the audience.

Why it is necessary?

By editing the text, it is possible to avoid the imperfections of text, achieve the precise wording of thought and correct the content of text for the author to be sure of his achievement.

How it is done?

The proof-reader executes this work day-by-day; the language of text you want to edit is native for our proof-readers. Within one working day we are able to correct and edit up to 10 pages.

We will help you finding the solution and make the text correction regardless of the language or its content!

You may submit all kinds of texts and documents for correction, for example:

  • homepage text,
  • press-releases and letters,
  • booklets and brochures,
  • public speeches, presentations and annotations,
  • literary works,
  • contracts and agreements,
  • academic papers (graduation papers, term papers, essays and compositions).

Our help will be the key to your success!

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