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Oral translation

Oral translation

Oral translations have two general types. Translators of our team have years of experience, they had participated in different international seminars and they are professionalizing in:

  • simultaneous interpretation,
  • consecutive interpretation.

Simultaneous interpretation

If this type is chosen, translation is made simultaneously with the speaker. It is being often used at international seminars, conferences and events with many participants. Specific equipment is often used for this kind of translation.

Consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is a consecutive cooperation of speaker and translator, being located close to each other. When speaker is maintaining a pause, he or she provides translator with possibility to translate the previous words. Such type of translation is mostly used during the business meetings, seminars or presentations, when the number of participants is rather small.

Preparation for oral translation

To organize oral translation, we need to know:

  • the demanded type of translation (we could recommend it grounding on your information),
  • the venue and date of event,
  • precise time of event,
  • number of translators,
  • if you need any equipment (depending on the chosen type of oral translation).

To ensure the qualitative and fluent translation you we recommend:

  • to order the oral translation project timely for us to be able to prepare and find the most suitable translation to the subject-matter
  • submit informative materials, allowing the translation to get acquainted with the event schedule, estimate the terms and adjust to the speaker.
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