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Translation expenses

Translation expenses

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Written translations

Translation expenses are always depending on the translation volume, necessity of certification and number of copies.

We are defining a number of characters with spaces of a source document to calculate precise expenses in our everyday work – thereby the precise volume of translation and execution terms are being established.

Each translation demand is being considered individually and in cases when volume is big or you need to translate many documents, we offer a discount, making our clients happy. If a client is happy, we are also happy!

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Oral translations

Price of oral translation is being calculated per hour, taking into account the common number of hours and the necessity of special equipment (depending on the type of oral translation), it is also important to know, where the oral translation event is being planned and if the additional transport is necessary.


We are offering discounts for each translation project to our loyal customers and customers with concluded cooperation agreement.

We are also offering discounts when there is a need to work with big amount of text, or of several documents are being planned for submission.


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