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Apostille and legalisation

Apostille and legalisation

We will help you making all the necessary actions regarding the certification of document authenticity for you to be able to use documents abroad!

Why do you need Apostille or legalisation?

For the document drawn-up in one country to have a legal capacity in other country, the certification of document authenticity – apostille or legalisation is required.

There is a necessity to certify the authenticity of document in two occasions – to be able to use a document issued in Latvia (e.g. marriage or birth certificate) abroad, or to use a document, issued abroad, in Latvia.


The procedure is prescribed by the “Document Legalisation Law”, Cabinet Regulations No. 64 “Regulations Regarding the State Fee for the Legalisation of a Public Document” and Cabinet Regulations No. 720 “Regulations for Legalisation of Public Documents”.

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